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We bridge the trust gap with China.

Why Thayer?

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"I saved a ton of time and money.”
– Rich Fulop, Founder, Brooklinen

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“My quality control issues disappeared, almost overnight.”
– Ingrid Miskinis Sarver, Founder, TALARIA FLATS

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“Thayer gave me a quick, clear picture of my options in China.”
– Taire Avbovbo, Founder,

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"Thayer should be at the top of the "to do" list for any company looking to manufacture in Asia.”
– Julie Kerwin, Chief Elemental Officer, IAmElemental

What do we do?

We relieve manufacturing headaches.

    about your Chinese supplier?

    with noise from

    on production deadlines?

    how producing things in China “works”?
    (shipping, contracts, payment, culture, QC, taxes, customs, MOQs, fraud, local law, lead times, compliance, etc.)

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    How do we do it?

    We sell China headache medicine.

    Vet factories and arrange 3rd-party QC

    Talk to your suppliers in their native language and culture

    Take responsibility for quality and deadlines

    Explain China in a way you can understand

  • Need a trustworthy inspector for your next order? Click here.

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    Who are we?

    We’re Americans who are fluent in Chinese production, based in New York City.

    Over 10+ years in China, we've built a network of experts, agents and vendors that provide our clients with an exceptional level of transparency and trust in an industry dominated by misinformation and suspicion.

    We work purely as a representative of our US clients' interests. Unlike traditional factory reps, we don’t accept referral fees from factories or agents to ensure that our services are 100% aligned with our clients’.

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    Thayer Consulting Founder Joe Burnett brings his Global Sourcing curriculum to you from New York's Fashion Institute of Technology where he served as adjunct professor 2015-2016.


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